We have lost confidence in our IT Support

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How many times we have heard this story play out?

Whether it be the IT friend of the family you can’t upset, the internal staff member that is counting down to retirement, a well meaning but bumbling support company, realising that the support people actually carry a sales target or discovering that the contract no longer covers anything on site. Of course that breakdown in trust might now include that your once trusted resource has not kept themselves current with the technology behind modern working practices and cannot inform you about digital Transformation because they don’t understand it themselves.

All good reasons to come and take a look at what an approachable, ethical and professional business like IT Ambulance can do for you.

We have a great deal of experience in taking over support when that relationship has broken down and require very little from the incumbent support to get you back into safe hands.

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Support for your systems when they go wrong is just a phone call away. IT Ambulance was named after its unique same hour onsite service offering that guarantees you an expert IT Technician on site within an hour to deal with your most critical problems. In recent years this service exists to underpin our confidence in our managed service offering.

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Whether IT Ambulance manages your on premises infrastructure, or your tenant in a cloud based or hybrid solution you can count on our expert team to deliver a highly reliable, user friendly system that exceeds your expectation for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability wherever you need that data.

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