Data Loss, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Security

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Data Loss, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Security

Your operations depends on the data you hold and all of your know how, commercial, financial, marketing, sales and personnel information sits centrally, growing exponentially. Its the Wild West out there beyond your operations firewall with individuals, organisations and even states actively involved in accessing your data so that they can damage your ability to operate or just hold you to ransom. This stacks with the risks of disaffected staff or ex members of staff looking to misappropriate your company data. Against this any loss of personal data involves fines from the ICO and potential of litigation from those individuals who’s data you have lost. As if the damage to your reputation wasn’t enough!

IT Ambulance offers GDPR compliance in a box, data security to the Cyber Essentials standards is built into our support and maintenance contracts and we are the ideal partner to deliver an IT Infrastructure with confidentially, integrity and availability managed from the ground up.

Sadly, sometimes people come to us too late. IT Ambulance has considerable experience helping organisations that have had significant security events, data compromise or other disasters such a fire and flood. We are well qualified to deliver Business Continuity and rapid Disaster Recovery projects to get your operation back on its feet fast.

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Support for your systems when they go wrong is just a phone call away. IT Ambulance was named after its unique same hour onsite service offering that guarantees you an expert IT Technician on site within an hour to deal with your most critical problems. In recent years this service exists to underpin our confidence in our managed service offering.

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Whether IT Ambulance manages your on premises infrastructure, or your tenant in a cloud based or hybrid solution you can count on our expert team to deliver a highly reliable, user friendly system that exceeds your expectation for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability wherever you need that data.

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