2014 Fleet Change for IT Ambulance

IT Ambulance has today placed a contract to replace its fleet with Nissan UK through local dealer FJ Chalke Wincanton. It is anticipated that the new vehicles will be seen on the road in March after livery by local supplier Kiwi2000.

Why Nissan?

IT Ambulance has previously favoured Volvo and Vauxhall with its fleet, latterly in an effort to support UK PLC we focussed onto buying a car made in Britian.

The same holds true of our purchase of Nissan’s Note model but this car is both designed and built in Britain. Nissan directly employs 6000 staff in the UK, up from 4000 in 2008. Its wider supplier base is thought to employ 50,000 people, many of them in and around Wiltshire.

IT Ambulance decided to provide its field based team company cars after one of its staff was involved in a horrific collision with an Armoured Personnel Carrier in Iwerne Minster, Dorset in October 2007. It was only luck that saved our team mate.

The Nissan Note is NCAP 5 star rated, the highest accolade for safety both to driver and pedestrian. It has a number of innovations that are attractive to us as a fleet operator. Integral Bluetooth phone connectivity and Sat Nav saves us time and improves communication with our team on the road. The Note has an innovative rear seat sliding mechanism and improved rear headroom that allows our Technicians more flexibility when carrying a load but at the weekend it becomes a comfortable and economical family car which is important to our team. The Nissan 1.5 DCI engine boasts an impressive 25% more Torque than our existing 1.6 Petrol Astra fleet whilst delivering no less than twice the Miles per Gallon. Yes our new fleet will use half the fuel of our existing fleet and puts IT Ambulance in a position where the net effect of the company is now believed to be Carbon Neutral (subject to assessment). Servicing will be via a dealer network that is local to our offices.

The new fleet will serve the company for the next 3 years. We hope you enjoy spotting them about as much as our previous vehicles.


Nissan Note Layout.